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Summer 2019 is here! New mining contracts!

Why should you choose Bitfire cloud mining ?
Instant setup
Mining power will be activated at the moment of contract payment. No need to wait for lengthy hardware delivery
Real time statistics
Our easy-to-use control panel provides you real-time data about your contract, payments and withdrawals
100% uptime
Mine 24/7 without any interruptions! We cover all hardware failures, servicing and warranty repairs
No hassle
Mining at home isn’t easy. Faulty miners, internet connection problems, electricity problems, burnt fuses and breakers, excess heat production, difficult miner setup - not with us!
How it works
Take few moments to register a new account on BitFire. Don’t forget to confirm your email address
Purchase a contract
Select contract type and amount of hashpower that suits your needs. You can start small if you want and buy more later
Monitor your miner
After receiving your payment, mining will start instantly. You will get credited once a day
Get paid
Just setup your Bitcoin/Ethereum/ZCash wallet and withdraw your mined coins in manner of seconds
Heard Enough ?
Register now to get access to your personal control panel. It’s completely free, without any risk
Also, as a new user, you will get free trial hashrate, so you can get familiar with the mining concepts
Pricing - December 2018 discounts!
Bitcoin V6
$0.129 $0.054/Ghs
No miner downtime2 years contract durationLow maintenance feeDaily payoutIn stock
$1.70 $1.10/0.1Mhs
No miner downtime1 year contract durationNo maintenance feeDaily payoutIn stock
$1.99 $1.79/Hash
No miner downtime1 year contract durationNo maintenance feeDaily payoutIn stock
Latest withdrawals
Amount Time Status
0.0014 BTC 1 minute ago Requested
0.0091 ETH 17 hours ago Completed
0.0091 ETH 23 hours ago Completed
0.0014 BTC 1 day ago Completed
0.0098 ETH 3 days ago Completed
0.0021 BTC 3 days ago Completed
0.5024 ETH 3 days ago Completed
0.0071 BTC 3 days ago Completed
0.0065 BTC 3 days ago Completed
0.0093 ETH 5 days ago Completed
0.021 ETH 11 days ago Completed
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